Travel items that I would sacrifice wifi to acquire

I tend to be more of an artsy type when it comes to my taste in apparel and jewelry (not calling myself a hipster, calm down). This being said, I love everything handmade and vintage, which makes one of my absolute favorite sites.

I’m not going to lie, I generally do more looking than shopping. However, if you want to break out of the mall crowd I highly recommend scrolling on the site every now and then to see what people from all over have to offer. It’s like traveling from the comfort of your own home!

Anyways… Here’s some items that I’m obsessing over (and will hopefully receive as birthday gifts).

I have them listed from least to greatest in terms of price, but I think you’ll find that they each have their own charm for a traveler. They also would make amazing gifts for a traveler (trust me, I know. It’s science).

These can all be found on

I listed the brand, item, then price. 🙂True Charm wanderlust braceletTrue Charm Wanderlust Bracelet, $7

bohemian beanie Malasa $20Malasa Bohemian beanie, $20

rootsandflowers herbal coconut hair and skin oil $20

rootsandflowers herbal coconut hair and skin oil, $20 

ValleyGirlDesigns gypsy flower aviators

ValleyGirlDesigns gypsy flower aviators, $27

TheCityGirls Custom Handbag $33.99TheCityGirls Custom Handbag, $33.99

vintage polaroid camera theoldrooster $34

theoldrooster vintage polaroid camera, $34

PictureInADream Chalkboard Ceramic Travel Mug $45PictureInADream Chalkboard Ceramic Travel Mug, $45

BAGCollection black leather backpack $75.70BAGCollection black leather backpack, $75.70

ibleedheART custom painted TOMS $110

ibleedheART custom painted TOMS, $110


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