A Few Days in Lille: Great Nightlife and Taste of France

Never heard of Lille, but now I want to go. *sigh*
I’ll never get enough of Europe.

Wayfaring Student


Lille is located in the north of France, being the wealthiest city in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. I only spent three days there, but those were memorable (not as far as the nights are concerned though). I visited two of my great friends who study there. In this review, I will highlight 3 crucial things about this city most of the people tend to pass by.

  • Youth
  • Friendliness
  • Nightlife

Lille is surprisingly big and populated; there are roughly 2 million people living there, and the size is comparable to Glasgow or Budapest (it is the largest city in the north of France).

The nightlife is crazy. There are bars, clubs, pubs on every corner, and the city is lively and what is more important, it is young. There are tens of thousands of students studying there, from engineering to law, from arts to hairdressing schools, that city can offer all sorts…

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